Unmanned Systems Group has been a designer and manufacturer of Supercam unmanned aircraft systems and one of the major players in the Russian UAV market since 2010.

We supply our solutions to both domestic and foreign markets. Also, our company provides aerial photography and aerial surveillance services using our unmanned aircrafts.

Our team consists of over 250 highly qualified experts including over 100 engineers. The company has its own design office, as well as production facilities with machine tools, a microelectronics laboratory, and a well-equipped flight test site.

Thanks to the efforts of our engineers and designers, unmanned aerial vehicles of Supercam family with 2.2 to 29 kg takeoff weight have been created. In addition, we develop all complex components, including a UAV automatic control system (autopilot), a GCS software to control the UAV, radio link, two and three axes gyro-stabilized optoelectronic systems including high-resolution video cameras, photo cameras with large sensors, thermal imagers, systems for automatic target recognition, holding and tracking, which allow to use our unmanned aircraft systems at any time of the day as a high-precision system to monitor the objects.

Unmanned Systems Group has supplied over 1500 Supercam UAS to various state and private organizations.

Supercam UAS benefits:

  • high reliability (the UAVs are operated daily in various regions of the Russian Federation in the temperature range from -45 to +45 °C);
  • best-in-class performance;
  • each UAV can be equipped with data transmission encrypted links with increased noise immunity;
  • a wide range of products for various purposes and tasks, including the first mass-produced in Russia unmanned hybrid Supercam SX350 (tiltrotor);
  • intuitive control software interface;
  • a wide range of payloads;
  • possibility of complex development to meet individual customer requirements.

Supercam UAV services

The experience of our company and our сustomers, as well as the global experience in general, demonstrate that today unmanned aircrafts are increasingly being used to perform tasks related to security, aerial surveillance, Earth remote sensing (aerial photography). Today, Unmanned Systems Group holds a leading position in providing the UAV services throughout Russia. The annual flight distance of the company’s own UAVs reaches the point of 750 000 km of linear performance.

About 150 UAV operators, or 75 crews, provide services in various regions of Russia. Upon customer request, our operators perform geodetic surveying and mapping of various linear and areal objects, including power lines, pipelines, mining sites, large production sites. We provide the customer with a full range of the resulting information including raw data (raw video and photo data) obtained during the flight in real time, as well as post-flight processed data such as georeferenced orthomosaics, topographic maps, DEM, DTM, 3D terrain models, which can subsequently be integrated into various geographic information systems.

The Supercam family UAVs are operated daily in every climatic zone of Russia. They are used for over 130 applications including transport infrastructure, mining, oil and gas industry, forestry and agriculture. The regular Supercam UAV operation allows us to collect statistics on the operation of our equipment, improve performance and introduce advanced technologies by modernizing the UAV complex components.

Key benefits of our services:

  • Experienced operators with largest UAV flight hours throughout Russia and abroad;
  • Efficient response (preparation for site visit from 1 day, a high number of operators and UAVs ready to site visit);
  • Accuracy of the received data (the company has certificates of conformity);
  • High-skilled image interpreters and a wide range of various software for post-flight data processing;
  • A full range of all types of licenses, including a license for activities related to the use of information constituting a State secret.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, you can always contact us or send a request to email info@supercam.aero.