Supercam S100 / S100F

The compact lightweight UAV has a one-piece body and is designed as a flying wing. These features provide the unmanned aircraft easy transportation and quick launching even under adverse conditions. The UAV allows mounting top-class payloads, while the flight duration is about 80 minutes. The system can be used for high-resolution aerial photography, as well as for online video surveillance at any time of the day and objects coordinates determination with a range of up to 25 km.

S100 is perfectly suitable both for operational and training missions.

Wingspan - 1 m
Endurance - up to 60 min
Speed - 65 - 120 km/h
Radio link range - up to 20 km
Video transmission range - up to 20 km
Max flight range - 50 km
Max takeoff weight - 3.5 kg
Operational height - 150 - 1000 m
Takeoff / landing
Deployment time - 15 min
Takeoff - elastic catapult
Landing - with a parachute in automatic or semi-automatic mode
Flight modes - automatic or semi-automatic
Diagnostics - automatic self-diagnostics of the ground and onboard equipment
Operational conditions
Wind speed - up to 15 m/s
Operational temperature - from -40°С to +45°С
Weather conditions - moderate rain or snow
Payload options
- 20/24/42 MP photo camera with the ability to be mounted on the azimuth stabilized platform
- Gyro-stabilized thermal imaging camera and/or video camera with 10x optical zoom, that can be combined together, and optionally enhanced with a laser target marker
- Multispectral camera
Optional equipment
- Video link for digital broadband transmission within a range of up to 25 km
- Radio link of telemetry and control with the ability of FHSS operation

Performance capabilities

  • Automatic control system (ACS - UAV autopilot) provides the UAV flight at a specified altitude, the specified horizontal and vertical maneuvers performance, as well as the flight mission performance
  • UAV performs the automatic flight according to the specified course and can hover over the object. The fly-over point can be moved by the operator in real time, taking into account wind corrections or inaccuracies of the electronic map
  • Protection against loss of control (in case of communication loss, the UAV returns to the launch point and performs the automatic landing)
  • GCS voice module (voice announcement of all commands and current changes in flight conditions, wind speed, and the flight mission performance)
  • Connection of GCS to the Internet as a web server with the full-featured remote terminal functions
  • Flight mission creation based on the height map
  • Possibility of the UAV control transferring from one GCS to another
  • Semi-automatic control can be performed with the multifunctional gamepad
  • 4 UAVs simultaneous operation
  • UAV automatic return to the specified point
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing
  • UAV control with two GCSs
  • GCS operation in motion capability
  • Manufacturer's software with update services