Real time video and thermal imaging monitoring

The use of Supercam UAV to perform video monitoring allows monitoring and surveying objects in real time at any time of the day over large distances, within the shortest possible time, providing situational awareness.

To perform video monitoring, Supercam UAV is equipped with our company’s latest payloads and optoelectronic systems, as well as with data transmission systems. 

  • Thermal imaging cameras with various resolutions and the capability to determine temperatures or temperature ranges of objects allow performing effective search

  • Automatic target tracking module (integrated into Supercam UAV) 
    The automatic target tracking module allows the UAV operator to monitor static or moving objects without manual camera control. Mounted on a gyro-stabilized gimbal, the camera transmits the most accurate image with no interference from the drone vibration. The module scans the image in real time, captures the target and makes the UAV move along with the object.

  • Broadband anti-jam video links
    Allow to transmit high-quality images at a distance of up to 100 km from the ground control station. The video links are able to transmit two video streams simultaneously (video camera + thermal imager), and are encrypted with protection against unauthorized use of the received video data.

  • Supercam UAVs have the ability to transmit video to a ground control station or customer's workplace from several aircrafts simultaneously

    UAV video survey in real time is effective for detecting unauthorized activities, eliminating the consequences of emergencies, performing search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, patrolling oil and gas pipelines and for many other applications.

  • Тепловизионные камеры с различным разрешением и возможностью определения температур или температурных диапазонов объектов позволяют проводить их эффективный поиск
  • Система автоматического удержания и сопровождения цели (встроенная в БВС Supercam)


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