Antennas, beacons

The unmanned aircraft system includes ground antennas, consisting of a modem to receive and transmit control and telemetry data, as well as a digital video receiver (optional).

Key features and benefits:
- stable signal reception and transmission at a distance specified in the performance characteristics of an unmanned aviation system;
- possibility of operation in adverse weather conditions;
- possibility to transfer the data to the Customer’s local area network;
- possibility of signal relay;
- possibility to operate a command-telemetry link with a mode of increased interferenceimmunity (FHSS);
- AES 256-bit video transmission encryption;
- possibility to receive up to 3 data links simultaneously;
- automatic following system for the UAV position (rotary device);
- possibility of extension the reception range up to 100+ km.

The ground antennas can be mounted on the vehicle roof (antennas with a modem), on a tripod or a telescopic mast.
The ground antennas composition depends on the UAS configuration.

Ground beacon

Compact mobile ground positioning device with built-in modem and satellite navigation system receiver. It allows to display its position and the position of all operating UAVs and beacons on the GCS screen.

Key features:
- determination of coordinates of objects or groups of objects and data transmission to the GCS;
- signal relay;
- possibility of using data links with increased security;
- each beacon has a unique number.