Ground control stations (GCS)

GCS includes:
- Laptop with standard or rugged design (IP54 or IP65)
- Preinstalled software with a voice module to announce information about the flight and the state of all the UAV subsystems
- Software to manage online video transmission (optional)
- Video signal distributor (optional)
- System to determine the object coordinates by video (PAL and HD)
- Gamepad (optional)
- Digital indication to monitor the power supply, input voltage and current consumption (with display on a separate LCD screen)
- Electronic video image stabilization (PAL and HD) - optional
- Plastic ruggedized case (IP65 or higher), dust and water resistant design
- GCS composition may vary depending on the UAS purpose and configuration

GCS description
Designed to carry out pre-flight checks, control the UAV flight and landing via digital radio link using the uploaded flight mission, as well as control all the UAV subsystems and payloads.
The power is supplied by connecting the GCS to a 12V socket, directly to the car battery or to the UAV standard battery.
Software with an intuitive and multifunctional interface and voice announcement;
Secure communication links with the UAV;
Convenience, compactness and protection during transportation;
Possibility to control several UAVs with one GCS.
Small-size GCS description:
Small-size GCS allows to control the UAV, receive video and telemetry data with the accurate objects coordinates within up to 15 km range, as well as to record collected data to an external storage device.
Dust and water resistant design (IP65 or higher).