Video cameras and thermal imaging cameras

We develop and produce some of the best-in-class gyro-stabilized optoelectronic systems which reduce vibrations caused by air flows to a minimum level to provide the UAV operator with high-quality stabilized video image. The payload has 2 or 3-axis stabilization and downward visibility with no blind spots (rotation by 3600 in azimuth), thus expanding the UAV applications, and allowing to monitor the objects located at any point of the underlying surface.

A high-resolution video camera, thermal imaging camera, laser target marker can be installed as the payload and be combined in one module.

The payload can be integrated with the automatic target tracking module, allowing the drone to autonomously track the selected objects by the images received from the payload.

Payload specifications
- Gyro-stabilized platform with downward visibility with no blind spots (360-degree field of view, unlimited rotation) with integrated angular velocity and linear acceleration sensor, and encoders
Angle of view - Pitch 0°….90° , Yaw 360°
Drive - direct, brushless motors
Payload orientation - downward visibility, turret
Stabilization - max 150 Mrad
Video camera (PAL)
Video transmission (Pix) - min 720х576
Optical zoom - 10х or 36х
Video camera (HD)
Video transmission (Pix) - min 1280х720 (1920х1080 in recording mode - onboard video storage)
Optical zoom - 10х or 30х
Thermal imaging camera
Video transmission (Pix) - 640х512 or 1024х768
Digital zoom - 2 – 16 х
- Color highlighting mode to select objects with a specified temperature range or obtaining the absolute temperature of an object, built-in color filters