Piper WEB GIS software


Finco Piper WEB software solution is a geographic information network system designed to view and analyze orthophotomaps (stitched geo-referenced aerial photographs taken at a specific period of time). Finco Piper program allows to simultaneously upload several orthophotomaps of the same area taken at different dates, so that any user having network access can not only perform visual analysis of the objects within the same orthophotomap, but also observe changes in their state over time. Analysis of layers of the same area taken at various time (in visible or IR-spectrum) by an interpreter allows to timely respond to the detected incidents and make decisions. High-resolution images enable to view the objects in high quality with precise geographic coordinates.

Finco Piper software features:

  • Orthophotomap marking. An interpreter can mark any object of interest on the image by special sign with a detailed description of each mark. Depending on the type of the viewed object, each mark is categorized, there is a possibility to see its geographical and horizontal coordinates. The marks can be edited and removed if required.
  • Distance measurement. The “Ruler” tool allows to measure the length of the intervals or a route on the orthophotomap with the accuracy of up to 1 m.
  • Underlying map download. The possibility to download satellite images for the area of interest from the well-known web sites such as Google, Yandex, and etc. to easily orientate by the images by viewing in a small scale.

Finco Piper can also be used to provide network access to photo and video images, as well as to text information.