Racurs Photomod photogrammetry software

The PHOTOMOD software family unites a wide range of software solutions for the digital photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data, which allows to obtain spatial information based on the images generated with any single shooting system currently available on the market, such as digital and film cameras, high-resolution space scanning systems, and synthetic aperture radars. Today, PHOTOMOD is the most widespread commercial digital photogrammetry software in Russia and is successfully used in 70 countries all over the world.

PHOTOMOD software allows to process UAV data to generate all types of photogrammetric products: DTM, 3D-vectors, orthomosaics, digital 2D and 3D maps.

The main techniques of UAV data processing in the PHOTOMOD system are rigorous photogrammetric processing of images with accuracy comparable with GSD, and simplified method with absolute accuracies of about tens of meters.

With a large number of the unmanned survey advantages, the peculiarities of the collected data lead to serious problems in photogrammetric processing. Poor image quality, low accuracy of the onboard GPS / IMU data, the use of uncalibrated amateur cameras and errors related to flight instability – these issues have facilitated PHOTOMOD improvement with generation of special tools, which made it possible to eliminate these flaws and obtain high-quality output results.

PHOTOMOD software is developed by Racurs company.

The diagram of UAV data processing in PHOTOMOD system is shown in the figure above.