Superbox ATLP

Superbox ATLP specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) - 3000x1600x1500 mm
Weight - 300 kg
Power consumption - up to 1.5 kW
IP code - IP43
Link - Ethernet, Command and Telemetry Radio Link, DataLink
Precise point positioning - RTK, IR beacon, optical marker
Autonomous operation with no external power supply - 48 h
UAV battery full charging time - 3 h

The automatic takeoff and landing platform with remote control is designed for multifunctional monitoring and includes a multi-rotor UAV with automatic takeoff and precision landing capabilities. Now, the distance from the control station to the remote object is not critical. It is sufficient to create a flight mission and load the route into the control system. At the specified time, the Superbox ATLP will deploy and prepare the unmanned aircraft for launch with notification of the successful completion of aviation works. Once the flight is completed, the Supercam UAV is ready for operation again due to the built-in autonomous battery charging system.

In adverse weather conditions, the Superbox ATLP allows to patrol the territory, perform aerial photography and on-line data transmission with coordinates determination. The platform structure, made of high-strength and resistant materials, ensures operation in a wide temperature range (from -400 to +400) and moderate humidity. Along with the main power source, an additional generator is integrated into the ATLP as a backup system. This feature provides up to 48 hours of continuous platform operation.

The received photo and video data are saved to meet the high standards of cryptographic protection. The data can be stored on the operator's server in an office or production facility.

The automatic platform allows reducing financial costs in the fuel and energy production, mechanical engineering, agriculture and mining, as well as for security patrols of the territory.

More detailed information on the operation and capabilities of the Superbox UAV autonomous takeoff and landing platform can be found in the presentation and technical specifications which are available upon request