Ecology and sustainable use of natural resources

The modern use of unmanned aircraft systems in terms of operational and day-to-day monitoring of environmental resources lies in the application of control equipment for observation and assessment of environmental performance and its resources. Capabilities of unmanned aviation with remote control might be determined in the number of ways that prescribe the aircraft mobility, ease of transportation, minimum time for deployment and take-off complemented by the UAV endurance for operation in hard environmental conditions. Such peculiarities contribute to the stunning task performance with right timing. The opportunities to provide control in the execution of sustainable development and protection of natural resources underline the importance of the following assignments:

  • Critical assessment of the radioactive environment and industrial security;
  • Monitoring of pollution substances and their concentration in the ambient environment;
  • Patrolling of the conservation areas and forestry;
  • Search and detection of the unauthorized waste disposal;
  • Monitoring of emergencies and wild fires in the forestry and conservation areas;
  • Anti-crisis management in the flood seasons and damage assessment inflicted upon third-party property and premises;
  • Wildlife monitoring and management, identification and population estimation;
  • Combatting the illegal use and capture of wild fauna and aquatic biological resources.

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