UAV control software

Installed on the GCS, included in the Supercam UAS, or on the customer's PC.
Supports Windows or Linux operating systems.

Key features and benefits of Supercam software:
- Intuitive control interface with voice announcement;
- Compatibility with both fixed wing and rotary wing Supercam UAVs;
- Possibility to control several UAVs simultaneously;
- Flight planning with at least 400 waypoints of the flight mission;
- Automatic terrain and communications analysis, creation and subsequent recording of the flight mission, given the characteristics of the underlying surface;
- Performance of the UAV pre-flight checks and diagnostics;
- Performance of the UAV launch and landing;
- UAV control during the flight in automatic and semi-automatic modes, with the possibility to quickly change the flight mission;
- Possibility to control the UAV flight and its parameters (altitude, speed, signal level with the GCS, battery charge level, etc.) during the flight in real time;
- Downloading maps from map servers;
- Reception of data from the UAV and its display on the GCS screen (including the UAV position);
- Reception and display of the GCS, beacons and UAVs position on the terrain map;
- Control of all the payloads installed onboard the Supercam UAV during the flight;
- Control of the antennas in automatic and manual modes.