Mobile ground control stations (MGCS)

Any Supercam UAS can be supplied in configuration with a mobile ground control station

The UAS mobile ground control station based on any vehicle is designed to perform the following tasks:
- UAS crew transfer to the site of operation;
-Ensuring of UAS crew mission performance during rescue and other urgent operations;
-Protection of UAS crew from adverse weather conditions and ensuring comfortable working conditions at temperatures from -40 °C to + 40 °C;
-Recording and storage of the collected data on digital means of data storage, with the ability to quickly transfer it to mobile storage devices (USB drives, hard drives, etc.);
-Preparation of electronic and printed reports;
-Possibility of simultaneous transmission of digital streaming video from the UAV to the ground control room and to the means of primary processing of photo and video data;
-Storage of main and auxiliary equipment;
-Provision of operation and maintenance of UAS components (battery charging, maintenance, minor repairs in the field, etc.);
-Life support of UAS crew;
- Telescopic masts;
- Ladder attached to the rear door;
- Operator workstation (up to 4 people);
- External light, etc.

UAS mobile ground control station is a cross-country cargo-passenger vehicle with an all-metal body, consisting of three compartments:
- Driver's compartment;
- Cargo and passenger compartment;
- Cargo compartment.

The vehicle type, interior, as well as the equipment configuration can be modified to meet individual customer requirements. 

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