Pix4D photogrammetry software

Swiss developer Pix4D software can be used to estimate the amount of excavation works, create NDVI maps for precision agriculture and mining. Data processing in Pix4D is also used to identify changes of the terrain, as well as to eliminate the consequences of emergencies. The Pix4D software is used in construction, cadastral work, for environmental monitoring, agriculture, aerial photogrammetry, and real estate.

Pix4D software has a wide range of industrial applications. First of all, the software is used in surveying, mapping, aerial photogrammetry, to create accurate 3D maps. Pix4Dmaper is suitable for these applications. This software has a rich functionality. It can be used to convert aerial images into digital spatial models. The processing is performed either using the desktop software or Pix4D cloud storage, where all the collected data must be sent to. The software has tools to measure distances, areas and volumes of the objects on a 3D model. This helps to perform surveying remotely. The survey accuracy is 1-2 pixel GSD in X and Y directions, and 1-3 pixel GSD in the Z direction (depending on the elevation difference of the surveying area). It also has a feature to classify a point cloud: the necessary elements of the model and surface (ground, asphalt, tall vegetation, buildings, human made objects) are highlighted by colors for accurate analysis and the following project adjustment. Pix4Dmapper provides high-resolution orthomosaics, digital terrain and elevation models, contour and reflectance maps, as well as thermal maps.

Videoabout Pix4Dmapper on the developer’s Youtube channel:  https://youtu.be/uZ5KIgQmJ9w

Special software has been developed for agriculture. Pix4Dfields allows you to generate and compare spectral and vegetation indices, and create orthomosaics.

Videoabout Pix4Dfields on the developer’s Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/NXpoIBBxNgE

In addition, here you can order Sequoia or RedEdge-MX multispectral cameras designed for agriculture applications. Their operation is based on three main principles: high accuracy, reduced size and weight, and ease of use. The cameras can be integrated with any types of drones, flying wings and multi-rotors, and can be mounted either on a stabilized or fixed platform. They allow to obtain images of agricultural areas by measuring the state of vegetation in a variety of spectral ranges: green (wavelength 550 nm, bandwidth 40 nm), red (wavelength 660 nm, bandwidth 40 nm), red edge (wavelength 735 nm , bandwidth 10 nm) and near infrared (wavelength 790 nm, bandwidth 40 nm). The resulting images can be analyzed using specialized software such as Pix4Dag for agriculture. The results obtained make it possible to create maps with vegetation indices (NDVI, NDRE, and etc.) and implement the instructions for applying nitrogen fertilizers.

Sunshine sensor allows you to calibrate images based on the intensity of sunlight. Using it you can compare photos taken at different times, paying no attention to changes in light conditions during shooting. The Sunshine sensor is mounted on top of the drone, face up. During the flight, the Sunshine sensor is powered by a multispectral camera.

Videoabout Sequoia on the developer’s Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/XF306Hp6Q4I

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