Urban management

Applying unmanned aerial systems in the urban economy corresponds to the current needs of the city council in the management of the municipal property and cadastre. Remote sensing is considered as effective mean to acquire much needed data for decision-making procedures and urban planning.

The high resolution of the images gathered by the unmanned aircraft coupled with the geo-matching accuracy of coordinates give the solid input when exercising powers in cadastre and stocktaking. With the orthomosaic image generated from the airborne data, the public authorities acquire effective means to review and identify the unauthorized construction and illegal land acquisition within the borders of urban area. In addition, the local council has all the means to carry out the review and compare factual areas with information on the land parcels stored and collected in the public registry and cadastre.

Generation of the orthomosaic maps and 3D models of cities and separate constructions with resolution of up to 2 cm per pixel
Real-time monitoring and surveillance of the public gatherings
Stocktaking and keeping of the urban realty
Public roof inventory and maintenance
Well-timed control over the subcontractor works and on-site performance
Real-time search and identification of illegal littering and unauthorized waste disposal
Identification of the illegal land acquisition

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