Bentley ContextCapture photogrammetry software

ContextCapture developed by the world leader Bentley Systems is the software for processing images taken with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a digital camera or even your smartphone. This software creates 3D models of the objects such as buildings, quarries or plants based on real images. Reality Modeling is a great term for this product as the resulting digital models are nothing other than 3D representation of reality using professional scanning.

The exterior orientation elements of the image (or resection) used for measurements in the software allow creating a model with an accuracy corresponding to a scale of 1:250, 1:500, and in some cases 1:100. This software made it possible to use digital methods and created digital photogrammetry, which means that the processes are automated and the image interpretation is performed at a new level, using the computational algorithms of modern computers.

Context Capture is widely used in the following areas:

  •  Construction and design
  •  Urban development
  •  Mining industry
  • Architecture and cultural heritage

    The samples of 3D models from various areas: