Multispectral survey

Multispectral survey allows identifying the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of vegetation and fertile soil layer while performing the underlying surface inspection using high-precision equipment for aerial photography.

Today, multispectral imaging data can be considered as a key mean to perform crop production optimization, aimed at reducing costs, improving the quality of agricultural products and increasing its volume. Processing the data collected with multispectral cameras of the world's leading developers, we generate maps with various biomass indices (NDVI, GNDVI, ENVI, PVI, WDVI, DVI, LAI, etc.), which are used to analyze agricultural land with the ability of:

  • Assessing the crop vegetation intensity
  • Predict crop yields
  • Inspect the quality of tillage
  • Perform environmental monitoring of agricultural lands
  • Calculate soil moisture index as well as micro- and macronutrient content
  • Calculate biomass growth
  • Detect infested areas, type of infestation and pests
  • Assess the chlorophyll concentration and plant stress


UAV aerial photography in agriculture and farming provides the ability to receive data from simultaneously installed multispectral and photo cameras. The use of unmanned aerial systems in this industry makes it possible to carry out an inventory of farmland, monitor field work, assess the biomass quality, timely identify and eliminate negative factors, predict crop yields, optimize sowing and harvesting processes, plan soil management to increase the biomass and minimize negative factors.




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