Supercam X6M2

Х6М2 rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Unmanned Systems Group combines unequalled tactical and technical characteristics with the most advanced features. 

The drone is equipped with 6 high-performance electric motors, can stay aloft for up to 55 minutes and carry out real-time monitoring at up to 10 km range at day and night time under hard weather conditions.

Due to the integrated autopilot and the automatic flight mission planning, the human factor during the UAV operation is completely excluded.

The UAV has light structure made of carbon and composite materials, so it can be transported to the launching area by any type of transport.

The UAS common applications include mapping, emergency control, population warning, real-time searching, detection and following of the static and moving objects, and etc.

Supercam X6M2 UAV can be equipped with the cutting-edge payloads (interchangeable with Supercam fixed wing UAVs) with the electromagnetic gyro-stabilized gimbals with a 360-degree field of view for the best image quality and downward visibility. In addition, automatic target tracking module can be integrated, as well as the system to drop various payloads and equipment for delivery purposes.

Dimensions - 1010х1010х300 mm
Endurance - up to 55 min
Speed - 0 - 60 km/h
Radio link range - up to 10 km
Video transmission range - up to 10 km
Max flight range - up to 10 km
Max takeoff weight - up to 8 kg
Operational height - 50 - 500 m
Operating ceiling - min 3600 m
Takeoff / landing
Deployment time - 15 min
Takeoff - vertical
Landing - vertical
Flight modes - automatic or semi-automatic
Diagnostics - automatic self-diagnostics of the ground and onboard equipment
Operational conditions
Wind speed - up to 15 m/s
Operational temperature - from -40°С to +45°С
Weather conditions - moderate rain or snow
Payload options
- 20/24/42/60 MP photo-camera with gimbal stabilizer
- Gyro-stabilized thermal imaging camera and/or PAL or HD video camera with 10/33х optical zoom, that can be combined together, and optionally enhanced with a laser target marker
- Multispectral camera
- Airborne radiation sensor
- Laser (the airflow type) gas analyzer
- Laser scanner
Optional equipment
- Automatic target tracking module
- Dual (triple) system, dual-frequency geodetic receiver
- Video link for digital broadband transmission within a range of up to 10 km
- Radio link of telemetry and control with the ability of FHSS operation
- Grenade / Cargo dropping system
- Hovering UAV system with tether

Performance capabilities

  • Flight mission correction (waypoints adding, removing and moving) and complete reload, reading of the mission from the other GCSs during the flight
  • Automatic control system (ACS - UAV autopilot) provides the UAV flight at a specified altitude, the specified horizontal and vertical maneuvers performance, as well as the flight mission performance
  • UAV performs the automatic flight according to the specified course and can hover over the object. The fly-over point can be moved by the operator in real time, taking into account wind corrections or inaccuracies of the electronic map
  • Protection against loss of control (in case of communication loss, the UAV returns to the launch point and performs the automatic landing)
  • GCS voice module (voice announcement of all commands and current changes in flight conditions, wind speed, and the flight mission performance)
  • Connection of GCS to the Internet as a web server with the full-featured remote terminal functions
  • Flight mission creation based on the height map
  • Possibility of the UAV control transferring from one GCS to another
  • Semi-automatic control can be performed with the multifunctional gamepad
  • 4 UAVs simultaneous operation
  • UAV automatic return to the specified point
  • Autonomous takeoff and landing
  • UAV control with two GCSs
  • GCS operation in motion capability
  • Manufacturer's software with update services