Oil and Gas Industry

Transporting the crude oil and natural gas underlines the need for smooth operation of pipelines. Emergencies on the linear infrastructure in the oil and gas industry prompt the decline in the economic progress resulting from the product loss and malfunctioning of the continuous production in related industries. These incidents are usually accompanied by the degradation of ecosystems, fire in surrounding areas and numerous threats to the public health. While transporting huge volumes of oil and gas under high pressure, there is a need to maintain the trunk pipelines in reliable condition.

Normal ageing of pipelines imposes stricter legal standards for environmental concerns. Such obligations are among the peculiarities of pipelines operations. Harsh legal environment defines key directions within the policy of anti-crisis management, disaster prevention and control. This is the case where one of such directions lies in the introduction of monitoring system that implies the solid control over the technical state of trunk pipelines and infrastructure. The procession of various accidents that involve pipelines in exploitation and ambient environment gains the expansion at great territories. To carry the on-site assessment of the aftermath scale and condition in seamless time is only possible with remote, in the first turn, aerospace methods that enable to retrieve the brand new in its quality and integrity data not only on the control points but also on what is the most important the entire pipeline route.

The application of unmanned aircraft systems provides the opportunity to exercise the monitoring when the objective lies in the acquisition of accurate yet actual information in planning of works, sustainable use of resources and detection of illegal and unauthorized activities in controlled areas.

Unmanned Systems Group stand on the market frontline in Russia while providing services with application of Supercam UAVs produced at company’s premises to serve the needs of oil and gas sector. The company offers a comprehensive monitoring system for long and large areal objects with the possibility of subsequent interpretation and detailed analysis of the information received. Company aspirations lay the solid foundation to reach the high recognition from the Russian and Foreign counterparts given the unraveled experience in terms of service and support.

Our permanent clients in the domestic market are PJSC Rosneft Oil Company, PJSC SIBUR Holding, PJSC Gazprom and many others. Unmanned systems currently employs more than 150 highly skilled professionals constantly involved in the UAV operation to deliver tailored services that put our company on the market spotlight for its permanent support and leading position. The annual flight distance of the company's own UAVs reaches the point of 750,000 km of linear performance.

Service categories:

  • Aerial patrol over long sections 24/7;
  • Technical state assessment;
  • Gas leakage detection;
  • Reckoning of the infrastructure objects and defining boundaries of protected areas;
  • Environmental patrol and surveillance;
  • Search for unauthorized activities in the protected areas;
  • Supervision of the subcontractors’ on-site works;
  • Generation of 3D terrain and object models;
  • Seamless orthophotomosaic creation, digital terrain models, digital surface models, with the scale of up to 1:500 and a resolution of up to 2cm per pixel.

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