Gas detection

Detection of various gases using the equipment installed onboard the UAV is a great solution since it allows to survey large terrain areas or pipelines within a relatively short period of time.

Two types of gas detection analyzers can be integrated in the UAV – remote and gas-flow detectors.

Remote laser gas analyzers allow detecting gases in the atmosphere at a considerable distance of up to 130 meters, thus making it possible to integrate them in both multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs.

The gas analyzer emits a laser beam whose wavelength matches the absorption band of the target gas. After registration of the reflected beam, its intensity is compared with the standard. Based on this data, the concentration of gas in the air layer between the UAV and the terrain surface is determined.

Due to their functional features, remote laser gas analyzers are only able to detect leaks of methane (CH4) or other methane-containing substances.

Flow gas analyzers can also be integrated in Supercam UAV. In contrast to the remote ones, flow gas analyzers detect the gas concentration directly in the gaseous substance. Thanks to its technical features, this payload provides reliable detection of the gas concentration in the air.

Due to the operation features, these gas analyzers can only be integrated in the rotor-type UAVs such as Supercam X6M2 flying at low altitude in the areas of suspected leaks.

The list of gases detected with the flow gas analyzer is quite wide and is determined by the set of detection modules installed in Supercam UAV. This allows assembling the analyzer tailored to the customer's needs.

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