Grenade dropping system

Grenade dropping system specifications
Number of grenades - 8 pcs
Cap - electro percussion cap
Grenade filler - CS, OC, noble gas
Payload weight - 1300 g
Payload dimensions - 60*180*230 mm

A system for dropping grenades with various fillers is designed to perform a number of special-purpose tasks. Due to the ability to fill the cartridge with various substances, the payload can be used to perform the following tasks: automatic drop-off of smoke grenades with substances to perform desinsection of agricultural land, drop-off of automatic fire-fighting systems, and control of riot situations while maintaining distance.

The drop-off can be carried out both in automatic mode, according to a previously created flight mission with the waypoints, and in manual mode using a drop-off command. Because of the jet acceleration force, the drop-off is performed by shooting with meter accuracy

Equipped UAV

  • Supercam X6M2