Grenade dropping system

A system for dropping grenades with various fillers is designed to perform a number of special-purpose tasks. Due to the ability to fill the cartridge with various substances, the payload can be used to perform the following tasks: automatic drop-off of smoke grenades with substances to perform desinsection of agricultural land, drop-off of automatic fire-fighting systems, and control of riot situations while maintaining distance.

The drop-off can be carried out both in automatic mode, according to a previously created flight mission with the waypoints, and in manual mode using a drop-off command. Because of the jet acceleration force, the drop-off is performed by shooting with meter accuracy.

Radiation detector

The scintillation wide-band intelligent X-ray and gamma-radiation detection unit is designed to measure the ambient equivalent dose rate and the dose of continuous X-ray and gamma radiation in the energy range 15 keV - 3 MeV from 50 nSv / h to 10 Sv / h. The device is installed onboard the UAV as a payload and allows to receive the high accuracy geo-referenced data via telemetry transmission links.

- X-ray and gamma radiation sources detection
- Represents an intelligent detection unit (RS232 interface)
- System of built-in LED stabilization of the measuring path, thus eliminating the need for a radioactive check source
- Operation in a wide temperature range in the field (IP64)
- Dust and water resistant design

Warning system

Sound transmission at altitudes of up to 1000 meters expands the airborne patrolling capabilities. The loudspeaker module can be installed onboard the fixed wing or multi-rotor UAV. The main application areas of the payload include crisis management, perimeter control and protection, elimination of emergency consequences, control of mass events, as well as civil defense and public safety.

The loudspeaker can be integrated with a video camera for visual control. The sound pressure power when using the module is not less than 50 dBm (100 W). This ensures transmission of sound messages from the UAV under any noise conditions. The user can record up to 50 types of various messages. Prompt response using a loudspeaker will allow solving new problems in emergency response and ensuring safety of facilities.


Grenade dropping system specifications
Number of grenades - 8 pcs
Cap - electro percussion cap
Grenade filler - CS, OC, noble gas
Payload weight - 1300 g
Payload dimensions - 60*180*230 mm
Radiation detector specifications
Detector - scintillation plastic (50х40 mm)
Measurement range of the ambient dose equivalent rate - 20 nSv/h – 1 Sv/h
Relative measurement error limit - ±20%
Energy dependence relative to 662 keV (¹³⁷Cs) - ±25% (30 keV – 3 MeV)
Gamma sensitivity ²⁴¹Am/ ³⁷Cs/ ⁶⁰Co - 3200/ 530/ 270 cps⁻¹/ µSv ⁻¹
Protection rating - IР64
Interface - RS 232
Operational temperature - from -40°С to +50°С
Dimensions, weight - Ø60х200 mm, 0.65 kg
Warning system specifications
Modification - 2
Nominal power - 80 W
Max power - 100 W
Coverage angle - 120°
Input voltage - 110 V/ Ω
Weight - 1.1 kg

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