UAV Supercam X6M2 as an element of emergency response system for SPI “Yamalspas”

БВС Supercam Х6М2 как элемент системы предупреждения  и ликвидации ЧС для ГКУ «Ямалспас»

Unmanned Systems Group has fulfilled another public contract for delivery of unmanned aircraft complex with Supercam unmanned aerial vehicle. This time the complex with Supercam X6M2 helicopter-type UAV has been supplied to Emergency Rescue Service Department of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (SPI “Yamalspas”).

The complex will be used to perform aerial monitoring of terrain and objects in real time mode with specialized payload modules – HD video camera and thermal camera. The drone can stay airborne up to 1 hour with transmission range up to 10 km in temperatures from -40 to +40 °C and wind speed up to 12 m/s, that is considered as a high-performance characteristic for this UAV class. Therefore, the drone can be used in severe weather conditions.

Due to high-performance characteristic multifunctional complexes with Supercam UAV manufactured by Unmanned Systems Group are considered as an important element of emergency prevention and response, search and rescue operations, as they help to get data in real time mode, evaluate and analyze the existing situation and make operative decisions.

SPI “Yamalspas” is a professional emergency rescue service of permanent readiness and perform rescue services and other emergency operations in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug territory.

Actual unmanned aviation vehicles used for emergency crisis management are in great demand among organizations responsible for habitat, forestry and agricultural lands protection. The advantages of aircraft and helicopter types of Supercam UAV are proved by leading companies in hunting and agriculture sectors due to its unique construction and payload variety for operative monitoring.