Supercam UAV with multispectral camera for agro-consulting

Advanced agriculture center LLC purchased Supercam S150F unmanned complex with multispectral camera for agriculture production phases planning and control and for chemical treatment of crops and other plants.

An effective agriculture is impossible without knowing areas and exact agriculture land contours. However, actual data about plant health status and soil are of great importance. The use of unmanned aerial system is a quick and effective way to obtain this information.

Multispectral camera mounted on the board of unmanned aerial vehicle collects data making photos in different spectral ranges. The use of such images in digital processing helps to create a multispectral map to calculate vegetation index and determine yield forecast.

Advanced agriculture center LLC is a subsidiary of the major nitrogen fertilizer producer Kemerovo JSC Azot, which main activity is focused on sales of mineral fertilizer solutions. The use of these fertilizers increases agricultural yield, thus boosting crop production profitability.