Topographic survey with Supercam S350F

Plane type UAV for topographic survey has been delivered to Tomsk Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas, as a result of tendering process of suppliers in accordance with federal law requirements concerning procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of entities.

Supercam allows operational monitoring in complex surveys and engineering of production, transportation, preparation and storage of oil and gas facilities, as well as in planning of explorations work. Due to integration of a new aerial photography method, Supercam S350F is provided with large-precise survey equipment to realize topographic survey and create topographic maps.

Unmanned aviation is often used in design works and geodetic surveying, along with traditional methods of surface survey. A triple system satellite geodetic receiver installed on board Supercam UAV serves to obtain precise georeferenced data about facilities, constructions, relief and vegetation in a certain territory. This receiver has passed the primary metrological calibration test and has an approval certificate of measuring tool and registration in unified information fund.

A multifunctional payload is critical to aerial photography. The supplied Supercam S350F is equipped with a high-resolution camera mounted on gyro-stabilized tilt platform. This solution helps to make oblique aerial photography at an angle different from the vertical axis and maintain the course of survey track.

“TomskNIPIneft” JSC is a major regional scientific research and design center which performs the complete cycle of scientific and design works for oil and gas companies. Unmanned aviation integration reduces time to get results and opens up new opportunities to create high quality digital products in geodesy and topographic works.