UAV Supercam X6M2 supplied to mining and chemical combine “Khiagda”


“Khiagda” JSC affiliated to the Uranium Holding “ARMZ”/Mining Division of State Corporation “Rosatom” acquired Supercam X6M2 unmanned complex.

Supercam X6M2 is equipped with combined payload, including thermal camera and HD camera with 10x optic zoom mounted on gyro-stabilized platform. The drone can stay airborne up to 1 hour with transmission range up to 10 km in temperatures from -40 to +40 °C and wind speed up to 12 m/s. Therefore, the drone can be used in severe weather conditions.

The mobile helicopter-type complex will be used to monitor the territory and company facilities in real time mode, allowing to track the objects in automatic mode and to get exact coordinates. Video and thermal imaging help to survey power lines within the deposit area, patrol production sites to prevent unauthorized access of people, transport and to identify and manage emergencies.

Currently, “Khiagda” JSC is working in mining, construction and mine preparation works in various major uranium deposits located in the Republic of Buryatia. The company follows a responsible environmental policy based on principles of efficient environmental management and maximum conservation of production area, improvement of radiation, ecological, sanitary and epidemiological control systems.